Symposium Schedule

Day 1, Thursday 21 June 2012

Time Theme Chair
8.45-9.15 Registration and arrival tea and coffee
9.15-9.30 Welcome and Introductions Eddie McDonald
Pam McGrath
9.30-10.30 Session 1: Keynote Address
David Martin (Anthropos Consulting)
Differing constructions of Indigenous identities in Australia's Native Title Act, and their implications for Indigenous people and those working with them.
Eddie McDonald
10.30-10.45 Morning Tea
10.45-12.30 Session 2:
Peter Johnson, Sue Davenport and Curtis Taylor (Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Martu Cultural Knowledge Program)
Harnessing cultural information for community benefit after native title
Pam McGrath
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Session 3:
James Weiner (ANU)
The Western Desert Model: Native title dilemmas at the edge of a culture bloc

Daniel Vachon (Nguwarriz)
"Uncertain, unpredictable and arbitrary": The accommodation of Western Desert land tenure and the recognition of 'native title' rights

Sandra Pannell (Nguwarriz)
Beyond the 'Descent of Rights': The recognition of other forms of Indigenous 'rights' in the context of native title consent determinations
Pam McGrath
3.00-3.30 Afternoon tea
3.30-5.00 Session 4:
John Southalan and Olivia Norris (Yamatji Marlpa Land and Sea Council)
The proliferation of the Western Desert model of Aboriginal land tenure

Simon Davis (WA Dept State Development)
Collaborative land-use planning and development of Aboriginal settlements in Western Australia – a case study
Jodi Neale

Day 2, Friday 22 June 2012

Time Theme Chair
9.00-9.30 Arrival tea and coffee
9.30-10.30 Session 5: Keynote address
Kingsley Palmer (Appleby Consulting)
Land, rights and interests, now and then: Australian Aboriginal anthropology, retrospective and prospective
Eddie McDonald
10.30-11.00 Morning Tea
11.00-12.30 Session 6:
John Taylor (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU) and Paul Lane (Kimberley Institute)
Statistics for community governance: The Yawuru Population Survey of Broome
Pam McGrath
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3.00 Session 7: Panel Discussion
Documenting Valuable Heritage or Documenting Heritage Values? Native Title, Anthropology and Heritage Surveys
  • Tessa Herrmann (Central Desert Native Title Services)
  • Glen Kelly (South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council)
  • Eddie McDonald (Ethnosciences Pty Ltd)
  • Jodi Neale (Australian National University)
  • Kathryn Pryzwolnik (Registrar of Aboriginal Sites, Department of Indigenous Affairs)
  • Philip Vincent (Limina Consulting)
Bill Kruse
3.00-3.30 Afternoon tea
3.30-5.00 Session 8:
Janet Oobagooma, Donny Woolagoodja and Leah Umbagai (Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation and the Wanjina Wunggurr PBC) with Kim Doohan (Mintupela)
The Dambimangari Living Culture Project
Jodi Neale
  Closing Remarks Eddie McDonald & Pam McGrath