Symposium Keynote Speakers

Dr. David Martin

Dr David Martin is Director of Anthropos and Senior Anthropologist, based in Canberra. He has extensive field-based experience with Aboriginal groups in rural and remote areas, including eight years in community development. He has also worked at senior management level within government, and provided high level advice to Aboriginal organisations, government agencies and the private sector on such matters as developing effective Aboriginal organisational structures, native title and land rights, and addressing alcohol issues. Dr Martin has published on a range of native title issues, including a major co-authored book on prescribed bodies corporate (PBCs). He has also published on issues such as accountability, corporate governance, and developing effective organisational structures for service-delivery bodies which take account of Aboriginal political and economic values. He has particular expertise in working with Aboriginal groups to develop effective corporate structures.
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Dr. Kingsley Palmer

Dr Kingsley Palmer worked as a Research Officer with the Department of Aboriginal Sites in the WA Museum during the 1970s. He continued to work in the Pilbara region after he left the Department and completed his Ph.D through the UWA in 1981, based on his work in that area. He has subsequently worked in many areas of Aboriginal Australia including the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western and South Australia. Formerly Senior Anthropologist with the Northern Land Council in Darwin, he was appointed Director of Research at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies in Canberra in 1985. He subsequently became Deputy Principal of that organisation, a post he filled until 2001. He is now a private practice anthropological consultant.

Kingsley has prepared expert reports for many native title claims over the last decade or more and has given evidence in the Federal Court in relation to some of them. He is currently working on or is involved in applications for the recognition of native title or other native title matters in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.