Session 8

Janet Oobagooma, Donny Woolagoodja and Leah Umbagai (Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation and the Wanjina Wunggurr PBC) with Kim Doohan (Mintupela Pty Ltd)

The Dambimangari Living Culture Project

The members of the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation and the Wanjina Wunggurr PBC were granted native title over their traditional lands in 2011. Since that time the corporation has committed their own funds generated from mining agreements to the preparation and production of community focused cultural maps, family trees and other 'user friendly' documents with the aim of establishing a living cultural resource for Dambimangari future generations. The presentation will provide a summary of this project, its aims and some of the thinking and planning behind it.

Donny Woolagoodja is a senior Worrorra man, internationally famous artist and leader of his community. He is committed to ensuring that the younger generations learn their cultural heritage and remain connected to country and find ways to earn an income from their country such as through tourism.

Janet Oobagooma is a senior Worrorra woman who grew up in her traditional country with her grandparents in the remote northwest coastal regions. She is a very knowledgeable person and a repository of her community's traditional knowledge, a great intellectual and committed to ensuring that her descendants are left a legacy of knowledge about their country and the history of their ancestors.

In 2011, Leah Umbagai was selected as one of Western Australia's most significant 100 women in recognition of her work as a youth advocate. She is a famous artist and a dynamic young woman who is deeply concerned for and passionate about her heritage and the youth of the community. Leah has recently completed her university education and remains connected to her country and community.

Dr Kim Doohan has worked with members of this community for more than twenty years including on the native title claim, heritage protection and land and sea planning. Kim, along with others, is assisting in the preparation of documents relating to the Dambimangari Living Culture Project.