Professional Development

The Anthropology Society of Western Australia (ASWA) offers a range of professional development workshops and symposia. Take a look at the issues discussed.


Take a look at the Symposium held in October 2010. This was professional development from the perspective of looking back to our own practitioners in order to better understand the future.

From World Anthropology to World Anthropologies

A number of very appreciative members spent a wonderful hour listening to Greg Acciaioli's erudite excursion through movements in the world of anthropologies. Greg raised notions advanced by the "World Anthropologists" who encourage the value of 'blogged anthropology' which has no borders. Using histories of anthropological world forums and congresses and a focus on the contribution of Sol Tax to anthropology, Greg questioned the claims regarding discontinuities of anthropoligcal knowledge while recongising many of the key epistomoligical positions of the World Anthropologies.

History of ASWA

Have you ever wondered about the genesis of ASWA? Take a look at the ASWA at 50 presentation made to the History of Anthropology in Western Australia symposium last year.

Appearing Places

A wrap up of the recent ASWA Workshop Appearing Places focusing on the anthropological responses to contemporary place making amongst Noongars in the context of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

Native Title, Future Acts and Negotiation in Good Faith

A recent High Court case focusing on negotiation within the context of the Native Title Act 1993 (“NTA”) has resulted in an interesting outcome. As part of ASWA’s contribution to professional development Daniel Leo has provided his understanding of what the new ruling means.